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Socks are required to jump. 
For the safety of everyone in our indoor play center, only children up to age 12 are allowed on our inflatables. Adults are not permitted on the inflatables unless you are assisting smaller children.

**Parents must supervise their children at all times**                        
Enviro-Master Services is a partner of Woody's Jump n Play to provide sanitized conditions on a routine basis for our valuable customers that visits our facility. The process of the Enviro-Master Services Anti-microbial Treatment (SWAT) involves the use of a micron diffuser to create a dry mist that permeates the entire facility. It also covers every cubic inch of exposed surface area and is a form of germicidal shock treatment. SWAT bonds to our inflatables, walls, ceilings tiles, counter tops, door knobs and virtually everything else inside of our facility. SWAT is a safe non-toxic solution that eliminates bacteria, fungi and viruses on contact while killing bacteria that causes illness and odors.

Walk-In Prices
Monday - Thursday
Under 12 months free
Ages 1-3 $6.50
4 -12 $9.50

Friday - Sunday & Holidays
Under 12 months free
Ages 1-3 $7.00
4 -12 $10.00


Woody’s Jump n Play is a fun-filled family owned entertainment center full of inflatables, slides, arcade games, Mini Bowling and a friendly staff here to serve. Our goal is to promote a positive and safe environment and to create an atmosphere where parents and kids love to come. We have an area designated for kids three and under located near the parents lounge. Yes, even your toddlers can enjoy their own little safety zone just in case they are not quite ready to jump and play with the older and bigger kids. Kids are actually getting physically fit while having fun.  

Parents have their own lounge with wi-fi, a flat screen television and an extra sense of security with the Woody's safety system in place preventing children from exiting the facility without the parent/guardian they entered with! Parents can relax while eating and fellowshipping with other parents and still keep an eye on their kids as they play. The Woody's Jump n Play staff is excited to bring great family entertainment to the Community, with one focus, “Friends, Family and Fun”.

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Our Mission 
Here at Woody’s Jump n Play we believe that families are the key to solving the many problems we face in our communities. Our mission here at Woody’s is to promote a family friendly environment that encourages parents to interact with their children. We also strive to impart into each child that they are special and can dream and achieve the impossible.